Friday, January 15, 2016

The Ear, the Eye and the Arm

1. By the end of the story, how has Arm changed? Arm can't feel peoples feelings any more after tendai placed the nadoro when he woke up but that meant he could be with sakai.

2. By the end of the story, How has the mother changed. Mother is tired of not seeing her kids and she want to do what ever she can to help no matter what the cost is like when she went be hind the generals back to go to the starlight room.

3. By the end of the story, How has Tendai changed. Tendai isn't a scared little boy any more he has learn some old things and after the event in the starlight room Tendai was now a man.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Ear,The Eye and The Arm Summary Through Chapter 27

1. Tell what happened to the children in Dead Man's Vlei.
 The children Where taken bye Knife and fist to dead mans vlei and took them to the she Elephant. She feed them of course but she made them pay for it by working. The Vlei people were almost impossible to see so the children tried to run away but the she elephant yelled and they grabbed the children. Tendai had to work in the tunnels with Rita and Kuda they had to wear cement blocks on there ankles to slow them down from trying to run away. Kuda didn't have to wear one because he wouldn't try to run with out Rita and Tendai. while working for weeks Rita hanged out with granny because they could talk bad about the she Elephant with out worrying what would happened. One day Tendai was working in the mine looking for plastic when the she Elephant told him to go get he some water form down deep in the tunnel. Tendai found a Nedoro in a pile of garbage.

2. Tell how the children escaped Dead Man's Vlei.
After finding the Nedoro, Tendai prayed to his ancestors to help him get his brother and sister and him out of there. a beam of light went in the pool of water and it showed a ladder he climbed it a few times and failed after the 4th or 5th time he finally climbed it. He found Rita and Kuda they made a fun for it and found trash man on top of the hill. Kuda started crying and saying he what his mother suddenly trash man picked Kuda up and started running and the children ran after him and got out of Dead Man's Vlei.

3.What happend to the children in Resthaven?
  After they got off the train the children found rest havens gates and the woman let them in she told them to get a bath because the stinked. Rita had to work really had because it was the woman's job, to serve the men. Rita couldn't feed the men because people thought she might be a witch. Tendai like Resthaven at first but he saw the Rita was growing sick of being there. Tendai listened to the stories the old men told and he could just see his ancestors acting it out. After awhile Garikayi young wife had a twins one was a boy and one was a girl. But the villages saw the little girl as a curse so they wanted to kill the baby. But rita would not let them she spoke up and people didn't like her because she spoke up and a man tried to hit rita but Tendai stood up and said no so they got put in a time out hut with very little water supply. Rita was getting sick because she has nearly been starved to death. Myanda, Garikayi oldest wife, wanted to help them so she helped them escape she let them out by tricking the spirt medium. When  they got picked the kids had to eat chicken poop so they trough up.

4. How did the children escape Resthaven?
Tendai and Rita pretended to be bogymen and Rita said that she caused Chipo to have twins. After hearing this the villagers decided to kick them out of Resthaven. Myanda helped the children get out.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Ear,Eye,Arm-ch2

    In the book the Ear,the Eye,the Arm we know that the Mellower praises people. Also he or she is forgetful and clips the birds wings. He smuggled things in for the kids and he is very trusted he on,y gets one security card that works only once.

  In the book the Ear,the Eye,the Arm the Mellower doesn't really fit in with the family. He forgets every thing and he doesn't seem to mind the security. And unlike his family he is always late. 

Monday, November 30, 2015


   In the book The Ear, the Eye and the Arms the dystopian idea that nature is mistrusted or banished is shown when the mom says "Kuda you must not tease the automatic Doberman." This tells the reader that there is no dogs in this world or they are very rare.  It is also shown when it says the Mellower has to smuggle a bird called Mynah which shows that birds are very rare. There also is no bird other than the one the Mellower smuggled, all the birds are automatic and fake. There are no bird in the garden so they put a microchip in there which made a bird song. There are no real people as maids or butlers they are all machines so that means there more advanced. Theres bombers in there city of Zimbabwe shows poor security. Also there are people called the Mellower that makes people calm witch shows that there is a lot of stress.